Cottonseed meal is the byproduct remaining after cotton is ginned and the seeds crushed and the oil extracted. The remaining meal is usually used for animal feed and in organic fertilizers.

Nutritional value of cottonseed meal depends up on method of extraction, proportion of husk and lint and degree of decortication. The protein content of cottonseed meal varies from about 22% in meal made from undecorticated cottonseed to 42% in meal made from decorticated seed. The decorticated cottonseed meal contains 41% CP and 78% TDN. The crude fibre content ranges from 2-2.7% in glandless and 7.9-16.0% in decorticated to 26.9% in undecorticated form. Ether extract content varies from 4.2-11.3% in expeller and 0.9-2.9% in solvent extracted meals. Protein degradability of cottonseed meal is similar to or slightly less than soybeans (57% vs 65%). In comparison to other oil seed cakes, cotton seed cake has relatively high phosphorus content. Lysine is the most limiting amino acid in cottonseed meal

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Specification of Indian Cottonseed Extraction Meal

Profat (O + A ) Combined 38 % Minimum
Sand / Silica 2.5 % Maximum
Moisture 12 % Maximum
Fibre 14 % Maximum

Product Details :- 

Packing In about 50 Kgs New PP Bags AND OR
Loose in Bulk in 20’ Containers.
Place of Origin Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Harvesting Season Oct – Dec.
Min Order Qty. 100 MTS.

Country we Regularly Export
We are regularly Exporting to South Korea, Thailand.